the loneliness epidemic

and how to cure it (can we?)

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It’s beyond just physical aloneness, though.

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Here’s the thing: we enter and leave this world by ourselves, but it’s the relationships in between that matter.

So how do we build these relationships?

Why is busyness just a band-aid for loneliness?

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You see, it’s so easy to be busy. It’s not easy to be lonely.

Can we cure loneliness?

“Loneliness developed as an evolutionary adaptation to signal you to seek out tribes.” —Katherine deVos

How do we find our tribes?

“Your vibe attracts your tribe.”

Photo by Danielle Chen

To find our people, we must first find ourselves.

Here’s the final secret.

Relationships take work.

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“Loneliness is not a problem that should be dealt with alone.” — Bruce Lee

author, fitness instructor & email marketer. I get weirdly enthusiastic about productivity ideas & human psychology.

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